How to choose Onewheel and electric skates

How to Choose Onewheel and Electric Skates?

Introduction: Choosing Between E-Skates and Onewheel: What's the Wise Choice?

As innovative personal electric transportation devices continue to emerge, the landscape of personal computing is rapidly changing.

In this article, we aim to explore the growing popularity of electric roller skates (E-Skates) and compare them to another highly regarded electric mode of transportation, the Onewheel.


E-Skates, the Next-Gen Electric Commute

Electric roller skates represent an innovative mode of transportation that combines the charm of traditional skating with modern electric technology.

These lightweight and portable electric roller skates offer tremendous advantages for urban mobility.

Whether for leisurely rides or efficient city commuting, they excel among personal electric transportation options.

They boast impressive speed, range, and competitive pricing.


Onewheel, the Unique Giant Toy


Onewheel is a self-balancing, single-wheel electric skateboard for recreational and personal commuting.

Most people's initial impression of it is curiosity, followed closely by the realization that it's pretty expensive.

Despite several product generations and updates, Onewheel's price has remained consistently above $2,000, which is nearly a month's income for an average person.

You'd still commit to 1-2 years of payments even with financing options. This financial barrier has discouraged many potential users, myself included.


So, how do you decide between E-Skates and Onewheel?

In short, for 2023, electric roller skates are the best choice for personal electric transportation.


Take on the city streets with Rollwalk Electric Skates!-2

Limitations of Onewheel:


  • Safety Concerns with Onewheel: Most riders opt for full helmets, highlighting the significant safety concerns of single-wheeled devices. In cases where the sole control system fails for any reason, riders can sustain secondary injuries after falling from their Onewheel.


  • Onewheel's Learning Curve: Controlling Onewheel involves manipulating speed, direction, and turning solely with your body's center of gravity. It requires substantial practice, and many individuals who have never engaged in skateboarding sports find it quite challenging. Most learning experiences, even with protective gear, result in some degree of abrasions or injuries.


  • The Price of Onewheel: In reality, the high cost dissuades most people. The majority of young adults cannot afford this $2,000+ toy. While financing options have lowered the entry barrier, you'd still carry the burden of payments for 1-2 years. This financial commitment has made many people reconsider.


Advantages of Electric Roller Skates (E-Skates):


  • Learning Curve for E-Skates: If you're an experienced skater, you can use essential E-Skate functions within 10 minutes. Even if you're a beginner, learning to stabilize your balance on roller skates will do the trick.


  • Portability of E-Skates: Compared to Onewheel, Rollwalk electric roller skates are as compact as three 500ml bottles of mineral water and can easily fit into your backpack. They weigh just 2kg each, making them incredibly convenient to carry and start riding anywhere.


  • Pricing of E-Skates: The prices of most electric roller skates are only a third of Onewheel's cost. As an industry pioneer, Rollwalk offers the most value, priced at just a quarter of what you'd pay for an Onewheel. The Rollwalk eRW3, priced at $499, stands out as the most cost-effective electric roller skate.


In other aspects, electric skates have several other advantages.



Speed Comparison between E-Skates and Onewhee.

Electric roller skates and Onewheel (specifically the Onewheel GT) are similar. They both achieve a top speed of around 20 mph, while the Onewheel Pint series lags significantly behind. It's worth noting that Onewheel's motor is more powerful, but its acceleration is slightly slower than electric roller skates.


Stability Comparison between E-Skates and Onewheel.

In terms of stability, electric roller skates excel. Their four-wheel design allows most people to stand stably, making them easy to learn and operate. In contrast, Onewheel requires more practice because balance isn't just about standing steady; it's also about controlling all of Onewheel's maneuvers.


Control Mechanism Comparison between E-Skates and Onewheel.

Electric roller skates are controlled via a handheld remote that operates the motor directly, requiring no additional physical movements. You can accelerate and brake with the remote, and turning and jumping are based on your body's signals.



Onewheel, on the other hand, relies on your center of gravity to instruct the wheel's smart control chip for speed and direction.

It has a steep learning curve, high control difficulty, and a large error margin.


Embracing the Joy of Riding with E-Skates and Onewheel.


Whether you choose electric roller skates or Onewheel, every ride is a delightful journey.

These two unique electric transport devices excel in meeting recreational, daily commuting, and challenging terrain needs.

Electric roller skates effortlessly blend into the world of electric skateboarding, street cruising, and even bowl riding.

Electric skates, on the other hand, represent a passion for wind.





If you have the funds and time to invest in learning, Onewheel is a fantastic and challenging toy. However, for most individuals, electric roller skates are the superior choice.

They offer exceptional ease of use and portability, surpassing Onewheel. Suppose there are experience stores for both E-Skates and Onewheel in your area.

In that case, I recommend trying them out before deciding. It's important to note that you can purchase four to five E-Skates for a price equivalent to one Onewheel, and the experience is nearly identical.

Electric roller skates have consistently been the preference of a broader range of users.

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