What Are Motorized Roller Skates Called? Name of Electric Skates?

What Are Motorized Roller Skates Called? Name of Electric Skates?

They are also called electric rollerblades, e-skates, electric inline skates, and motorized roller skates. Due to their functionality and use cases, the industry often refers to them simply as "electric skates." The distinction is that electric skates are suitable for skaters/rollerbladers and regular individuals.

Electric skates evolved from motorized ice skates/roller skates. The soles have a triple electric system: control board, battery, and motor. Use a remote control or somatosensory gait to control the shoes.

  • In 1962, Tom Hancocks incorporated a large engine into his roller skates, creating substantial electric roller skates.
  • In 2015, RocketSkates Acton Electric Skates were introduced, marking the world's first intelligent electric skates.

Since 2022, electric roller skates have seen more mature solutions and a surge in popularity.

They have caught society's attention due to convenience, efficient travel, and eco-friendliness.

Powered by electricity, skaters can effortlessly glide forward using powerful motors, requiring minimal physical effort to reach their destinations.

This makes electric skates ideal for travelers, commuters, and those who want to cover longer distances without getting too tired.

"Electric skates" is the most common term for these personal electric mobility devices. They are also known as "motorized roller skates" and "motorized skates."

Beyond that, there are electric inline skates, which offer a more challenging experience for those who enjoy rollerblading.

Starting in late 2022, numerous excellent brands of electric roller skates have emerged, each with unique features.

One of the most well-known brands is Rollwalk.

Rollwalk offers cost-effective electric skates and comprehensive learning tutorials catering to the needs of regular users.

Additionally, Rollwalk produces not only electric roller skates but also impressive designs of electric inline skates.

These models excel in motor power and include safety gear, catering to various skill levels, preferences, and budgets.


Critical features of electric roller skates

Unique mode of transportation

Electric skates offer a distinct and exciting way of getting around. They combine the joy of skating with the advantage of electric power, creating a novel skating experience.

Electric roller skates are more than just a personal electric mode of transportation; they are a way of life.

Efficient and eco-friendly travel

Electric skates provide an efficient and eco-friendly way to travel.

With zero emissions from the electric system, you can glide effortlessly between city streets while contributing to the environment.

Quick skating brings efficiency, and the unique skating experience makes commuting pleasurable.

Say goodbye to traffic jams, reduce your carbon footprint, and choose electric skates to enjoy a city life that dances with freedom and greenery.

Suitable for all riders

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, electric skates are a fun and convenient way to get around.

Beginners can rely on electric power to start quickly, while experienced riders can showcase their skating skills.

Electric skates offer a pleasant and convenient travel experience regardless of your skating level.


In conclusion, electric skates are not just a means of transportation; they embody an innovative and exhilarating way of life. With continuous technological advancements, we can anticipate electric skates continuing to play a unique role in our modes of travel.

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