How to choose between Onewheel and electric skates

How to Choose between Onewheel and Electric Skates?

Have you recently been torn between buying Onewheel or electric skates?

For the past 2 months, I have been torn between the electric skates and the Onewheel.

To explore their differences,

So, I bought both Onewheel and an eRW3 electric skates.


I am not going to generalize a “better”.

Just wanted to share the differences I've noticed.

Hopefully, this will help you understand the difference more visually so you can make a better decision.

I have come to some conclusions that

Join me in looking at Onewheel and Rollwalk electric roller skates.

What exactly is the difference between them?

Onewheel and Rollwalk electric  skates comparison


When I first got the Onewheel, I thought it was a bit like a snowboard, with a single oversized wheel of about 11 inches in the center of the body.

The tires are flanked by foot pads.

It is used to control driving by using the weight change of the feet.

It accelerates and decelerates according to the tilt of the body from front to back.

This is a lot of fun to use and will take some time to learn how to use it better.


Rollwalk's eRW3, on the other hand, looks very compact, and I think their built design style is somewhat similar to Tesla's.

It has a very minimalist design, which is reflected in every detail.

In addition to combining wheeling and electrical systems to achieve gliding.

The eRW3 also has off-road feeling tires, and a high-quality Velcro consisting of

V-shaped magnetic clips and Velcro make up a very attractive fixing design.

The crisp sound of each fixation is even crisper and louder than the sound of my AirPods closing.


Weight and portability

There is a huge difference in size between the Onewheel and eRW3

When they are placed in front of me at the same time

Onewheel is bigger than 3 eRW3 electric skates

In actual measurements, it was 9.5in long and weighed 35 lbs

The main source of its size and weight is the motor, which is up to 800W

and oversized 11-inch tires.

Onewheel has not optimized its size specifically for urban travel.

It is only designed for users to get more comfortable foot space.

It is convenient for those who like adventure to complete various types of off-road sports more easily.

But in the city commute, the large size of the Onewheel is not very good in the crowd passing

In slightly dense road conditions, poor control very easy to happen safety accidents

Therefore, most states in the United States have a lot of restrictions on the use of Onewheel

Rollwalk electric skates through crowded pedestrian streets

Rollwalk's eRW3 is smaller, lighter, more flexible, and easier to use in urban traffic.

It is 11.5in long and weighs only 4.5 lbs.

Compared with other means of transportation, the eRW3 is smaller and lighter, making it easier to carry around

This is like tailor-made for ordinary commuters or travelers.

No headache at all for placing the electric skates, they can be carried out in the backpack at any time

In addition, the body of eRW3 is made of 6061 aluminum alloy

and the bridge is enhanced by the strength of the electric skates itself.

Since using it for commuting, I can wait for traffic lights at intersections more gracefully.


Cost price

The price of Onewheel needs to be considered carefully for most people

Its basic product price is $1,450, while the customized price can reach $3000

The majority of people in the United States need to use installments to purchase

However, Rollwalk's eRW3 is only $449, making it more suitable for the majority of the general public.

And you don't need to force yourself to save money to buy an Onewheel.

Price comparison of onewheel and Rollwalk eRW3 (1)

Learning Time Cost

The learning curve is also a key factor to consider when choosing Onewheel or electric skates

Onewheel can provide a unique and exciting experience.

A large wheel in the middle makes the board very flexible.

Ideal for tree-lined trails or steep hills

When I first used it, I had a hard time keeping my balance.

Not just because Onewheel only has one big wheel.

It took me about an hour to get used to its self-balancing function.


Comparatively, speaking

RollWalk's eRW3 is less difficult to get started.

After a long time of using it.

I found that people with basic roller skating skills

can fully master eRW3 in just 10 minutes.

Because it almost only requires you to preserve your body's balance.

Put your legs one in front of the other.

With a half squat, it is almost impossible to fall.


After you get familiar with it, you can adjust various positions more freely.

Do the cool moves you like.

And eRW3 due to its small size and lightweight.

The application in daily life is very wide.

It can be used not only for commuting but also for excursions around the city.


Use of terrain

Rollwalk eRW3 through the cobblestone ground scene

From the point of view of using terrain, because the contact point between Onewheel and the ground is the big wheel of the core, so it has only one area to contact with the ground

So it can easily squeeze through narrow places, but it is just difficult to control it flexibly

But correspondingly Onewheel also has some difficulty controlling the ground, when it encounters the gravel-like surface

Its gyroscope does not respond, it will be stuck and unable to maintain balance.

And when I use it to go downhill, it is difficult to control the speed


The Rollwalk eRW3 electric skates have four wheels on the bottom, and it has superb stability.

When I use it through the cobblestone ground, it can also glide very smoothly.

And because it has super sensitivity, it's very controllable, almost like my feet.

So when I faced the crowded crowd, I was able to pass very quickly and gracefully, no longer bound by the crowd and field obstacles.


Summing up

Of course,

If you are interested in some off-road activities and want to experience the adventure of life.

You can follow Onewheel.

With 24 interest-free payments, you can pay $100 a month or more. Unbelievable.

If you are anxious to solve your daily travel problems, as I am, and have certain requirements for portability and responsiveness.

Then these cost-effective eRW3 electric skates should be perfect for you.

It's easy to use and maneuver, and will get you around smoothly!

With a range of 13.7 Miles (22km), you can have a nice short trip.

If what you want is a new experience, you can try Onewheel.

Besides, RollWalk must be the best choice.


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