Rollwalk Electric Shoes
800% Walking Speed

Roll into the world’s fastest mini-performance

Not Just The World's Fastest Shoes

Grab your electric shoes and remote control and start enjoying the fun and excitement of walking at 800%.
Rollwalk motorized shoes move without lifting your feet.

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Crush traffic, Explore the world with Rollwalk

Explore A World
Powered By Electrical Shoes

With Rollwalk electric shoes. you're free to go anywhere your feet take you.
All you have to do is toggle the scroll wheel on the remote control.

Brand New
Personal Electric Vehicle

Rollwalk Electric Shoes increase walking speeds by 800%,

so you can go wherever you want to go!

  • Electric Roller Skates eRW3 Review - VRMinde


    If you've never used skates before, it can be a bit challenging and you'll need some balance and practice before you can start enjoying motorized shoes

  • TechDale

    Gentlemen, ladies. this stuff is fantastic, and frankly, they're really cool electric shoes of the future.

  • Filipe View

    I was nervous about having my feet stabilized in my motorized shoes. It's funny how you have to have one leg in front and one behind to glide better.

  • victric

    As you can see, the motorized shoe accelerates very well. I assure you, it's fantastic. The 70 mm wheels are customized, and the rubber gives better grip.

  • Avis Express

    It's a really nice weird feeling, kind of like a electric skateboard, but this is much lighter and more flexible. Electric shoes are fast but safe and the remote control is very easy to use.

The Future of Walking

Unique, Portable, Flexible Walking Alternative
Accelerate into the future walking era.

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Roll Walk Black_White eRW3 Electric Skates Maini mage-WEBP-2
Max Speed: Range: Max Power: Load Capacity:
20Mph12-15.5 miles300W*2220 lbs
RollWalk Electric Rollerblades Shoes eRW2 Picture 1
Max Speed: Range: Max Power: Load Capacity:
17Mph9-11.2 miles150W*2220 lbs

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Are Electric Shoe Glides a Good Exercise?

Gliding with direct-drive electric shoes like electric skates challenges your core stability, and the faster you go, the more you need to engage your core and leg muscles.

This workout helps improve strength and endurance, particularly in your thighs and buttocks.

This is an excellent way for children to exercise their cerebellum while having fun.

Electric shoes are a convenient means of transportation and a lightweight exercise tool, similar to roller skates.

Differences Between Electric Shoes and Electric Rollerblades? 

Most people misunderstand electric shoes because they associate wheeled shoes with rollerblades and ice skates.

However, all shoes with an external power source apart from human effort are considered motorized shoes.

Electric rollerblades and electric inline skates also fall under this category.

People often call these recreational electric shoes electric roller skates or electric inline skates.

How fast are electric shoes?

The speed of electric shoes varies depending on the type of drive.

However, most electric shoes reach speeds between 7 and 20 miles per hour (Mph).

Several factors influence the rate, such as personal weight, road conditions, inclines, and the controller's speed setting.

More information about the speed of electric shoes can be found in the article "How fast are electric shoes?"

Can Electric Shoes Help with Weight Loss?

Electric shoes are efficient for personal mobility and provide a challenging aerobic workout.

They can certainly aid in weight loss.

Electric shoes require core stability, and the faster you go, the more you have to engage your core and tighten your leg muscles.

Electric shoes may seem like a lazy way to get around, but they provide exercise benefits.

The adjustable speed of electric shoes allows you to control workout intensity effectively.

What are electric shoes called? What is the name of the motorized shoes?

Electric shoes go by various names like "motorized shoes," "AI-powered electric shoes," "electric shoes with wheels," "electronic shoes," "powered shoes," and "AI electric shoes."

However, some brands like Moonwalkers trademark their designed electric shoes' names.

Nevertheless, most brands don't trademark their electric shoes.

More information about electric shoes can be found in the article "What are electric shoes?"

What Are AI-Powered Electric Shoes?

"AI-powered electric shoes," or simply "electric shoes," is a term for smart electric shoes.

While many people equate Moonwalkers with AI electric shoes, it's important to note that Moonwalkers belong to the category of AI-powered electric shoes, as do electric shoes with wheels.

Any shoes with intelligent controls and power management fall under AI-powered electric shoes.

This is a straightforward definition of a motorized shoe.

Electric Shoes Tips

Learn more skating tips for a better motorized shoe experience!