Electric Rollwalk Shoes

Brand New Personal Electric Vehicle

Stay Under 220lbs
For Best Results

The e-skates are crafted from 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum, with a tensile strength of over 205 MPa. They handle regular jumps for skaters up to 220 lbs.

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Start skating anywhere. Nothing can stop you!

Max Range 25km
Electric Roller Skates Shoes

You'll never be tied down anywhere again.
Charge for 4 km in 10 minutes and 100% in an hour.

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Easy to carry and only the size of a pair of shoes.
Feel the charm of belonging to the AI powered electric shoes immediately

The smart combo of elastic Velcro and magnetic snaps locks your feet in place on the Motorized AI Shoes.

What People Are Saying

Morgan. US

The eRW3 electric roller skates simplify my life and commute.

Rush hour traffic is always a mess. Given my short home-to-office distance, Rollwalk motorized roller skates have become a commuting boon. They're now woven into my daily routine, like skating at the subway station. Once I reach the station, I slip them off and toss them in my backpack. They're a breeze to carry and super handy. And there's an added bonus – using them adds a fresh layer of fun I hadn't felt before.

Rachel. US

Definitely worth giving these lightning-fast electric skates a shot!

I ride all sorts of PEVs, like EUC, Esk8, and hoverboards. My Rollwalk eRW3 E-skates have taken up most of my electric toy time. Learning to glide might need some practice, but it took me 10 minutes. The remote control offers 4-speed options, and shifting to higher speeds is a thrill! Make sure to wear a helmet and protective gear, though. It's a blast—quick, exhilarating, and worth trying!

Tyler. US

The ultimate travel buddy!

Electric skates on my travels? Totally didn't see that coming, haha. It's like this brand-new thing! How compact it makes it different from other electric travel gear. Tossing it in my luggage or backpack is a breeze. Once I land in a fresh city, I ensure it's juiced up and then cruise around instead of hoofing it. So smooth and seriously enjoyable. And yep, I'm cautious about taking it slow in crowded spots. Other travelers in the area are definitely curious about this contraption.

Tom. US

Perfect for cruising around campus!

I might've been the first student on campus to give motorized roller skates a whirl. Most students usually walk, bike, or use the campus bus to get from place to place. My folks got me these motorized roller skates, and I've been using them to zip around campus for classes. It's a fresh experience, and my classmates are curious about my motorized roller skates. On those off days, I'd throw them on and head out for a skate to boost my mood.