The most fashionable motorized shoe helmet

Electric roller skates helmet丨Rollwalk

Electric roller skates helmet丨Rollwalk

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The Rollwalk Sports Helmet is equipped with dual-density foam pads that help to manage impact energies. They also feature deep channels inside the helmet for instant cooling.

The spherical technology of Rollwalk is built between layers of EPS and not against the head of the skater. This allows them to benefit from the electric shoes' cooling abilities without compromising comfort.

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The Rollwalk Sport Helmet is contoured with a smooth, high-strength shell.
The sport helmet wraps around a series of vents and adds structural strength with reinforced arches.Rollwalk's Comfort Material Fit System with 3-way fit adjustment makes it easy to adjust the sport helmet in seconds.


Product Parameter




Product Size


Size Specification

Helmet net weight 350g

Product weight

24 RGB (2528) lamp beads

LED lamp beads

Functional Parameters

FPC flexible PCB

Light board

IP57 (circuit board nano-coating waterproof)

Waterproof grade

3.7V/ 1000mAh 11 hours of battery life

Motherboard battery

-20 degrees --- 50 degrees

Working temperature

high frequency


  • TechDale

    Gentlemen, this stuff is fantastic, and frankly, they're really cool electric shoes of the future.

  • victric

    As you can see, the motorized shoe accelerates very well. I assure you, it's fantastic. The 70 mm wheels are customized, and the rubber gives better grip.

  • Filipe View

    I was nervous about having my feet stabilized in my motorized shoes. It's funny how you have to have one leg in front and one behind to glide better.

  • Avis Express

    It's a really nice weird feeling, kind of like a electric skateboard, but this is much lighter and more flexible. Electric shoes are fast but safe and the remote control is very easy to use.

"More professional recognition"

The Rollwalk eRW3 is designed to make short trips faster and more efficient.
The eRW3 electric shoe is not just selling a product, it's enabling an innovative form of transportation.


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The best personal short-distance power tool in the city-electrical shoes

Compared to other electric skates

eRW 3 Eectric Shoes Features

Speed -- Max 20mph, the equivalent of gliding down the road at 800% of your walking speed, ensures a productive commute.

Convenient -- Only the size of a pair of regular shoes, put it in your backpack/luggage, and you can take the electric shoes to every corner of the world. Rollwalk electric shoes meet the international flight standard for carrying electrical products.

Extra Long Range-- Max 15.5 miles. If your commute is 2 miles, you can go a week without recharging your electrical shoes.

Fast Charging -- 100% 1H, Pro comes with an 88W charger that takes as little as an hour to fully charge each one. The standard version comes with a 44W charger and takes 2 hours.

Powerful -- Max Slope 20°, Samsung 18650 battery paired with a 300w high-power brushless motor earns the eRW 3 Electric Skates a powerful boost.

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