What are electric shoes?

Starting with Moonwalkers shoes (Shift Robotics shoes), electric kicks quickly waltzed into our lives. Rollwalk electric shoes have been integrating electric footwear into everyone's daily grind. Electric shoes offer a unique and thrilling way to get around. Compared to electric skateboards, e-scooters, and unicycles, electric shoes are better suited for urban use. While enjoying the breeze, electric shoes are relatively nimble. Strap on electric shoes, and you can glide effortlessly through the streets and alleys of any city.


So, what's the deal with electric shoes, and how did they evolve? What electric shoes suit most folks?What about Moonwalkers, the latest craze? What other motorized shoes are worth buying?

Carrying Rollwalk eRW3 motorized roller skates at the high speed train station-1


How did electric shoes evolve?


  • The story of electric shoes dates back to 1962 when Tom Hancocks placed a hefty engine in his roller skates, creating quite the power roller skate.
  • Fast forward to 2015, RocketSkates Acton introduced the world's first intelligent electric roller skates, which were rather basic.
  • From 2015 to 2022, some DIY creators continuously made electric shoes, but they were seen more as toys than tools.
  • Then, in 2022, Shift Robotics' Moonwalkers hit the crowdfunding scene, making electric shoes more accessible. However, in the same year, 2022, Rollwalk released the eRW3 electric shoes.



From a user's perspective, Rollwalk's performance is undoubtedly several times that of Moonwalkers shoes. You don't need to lift your feet; Rollwalk electric shoes can zip you around quickly.


What else are electric shoes called?


In the professional world, we usually classify electric shoes into 2 categories based on whether they contain AI technology.

AI embodies future technology, except there has yet to be a complete solution for AI-powered electric shoes.

Electric shoes usually go by these aliases:


  • AI shoes
  • Electric roller skates
  • AI-powered electric shoes
  • Power shoes
  • E-shoes
  • Motorized shoes
  • Electric shoes with wheels
  • Electric Heelys


How about Moonwalkers, the world's fastest shoes?


Shift Robotics' Moonwalkers, launched on Kickstarter on October 28, 2022, boasts the title of the world's fastest shoes, enabling you to walk at 250% of your regular pace. But what's especially appealing is walking on a conveyor belt when you put them on.

However, upon receiving the product, I was slightly disappointed. My expectations for Moonwalkers were too high. I needed to keep lifting my feet, and I couldn't accept the weight of the shoes.

The noise from the transmission structure made me stand out awkwardly in the crowd.

People noticed me not because of my fantastic way of moving but because of the noise I made, and it's a bit on the pricey side.

shift_moonwalkers shoes


Nevertheless, it offers a novel experience. Without the strong comparison from Rollwalk, I still consider Moonwalkers an excellent tech innovation.


What's the price of electric shoes?


Here's probably the most accurate electric shoe price list for 2023, with Los Angeles as the shipping location:

  • Moonwalkers shoes: Official price $1,399, no discount, free shipping, currently no tax. Total: $1,399.
  • ESCEND BLADES shoes: Official price $919, no discount, $35 shipping, currently no tax. Total: $954.
  • Airtrick E-Skates: Official price $629, no discount, $49 shipping, currently no tax. Total: $678.
  • Atmosgear Electric Skates: Official pre-sale price €600, no discount, currently no shipping cost, no tax. Total: $634.
  • Rollwalk electric shoes: Official price $499, new user discount $40, free shipping, currently no tax. Total: $459.


What types of electric shoes are there?


Based on the shoe's core, Moonwalkers shoes belong to AI-powered electric shoes.

In contrast, ESCEND BLADES shoes and Atmosgear Electric Skates belong to electric inline roller skates.

Airtrick E-Skates and Rollwalk electric shoes are considered electric ice skates or four-wheel electric shoes.


From a user experience perspective, four-wheel and ai powered electric shoes are almost indistinguishable in functionality.

In fact, four-wheel electric shoes outperform AI electric shoes in many aspects, such as core performance in terms of range and speed.

Rollwalk electric shoes are much simpler than Moonwalkers in ease of use and convenience.



What are the benefits of electric shoes?


Electric shoes are mainly used for commuting and getting around in everyday life.

Compared to other commuting options, electric shoes are a novel category. They're small enough that most people think you're wearing peculiar shoes.

You can toss them in your backpack when not in use and whip them out to roll on the road at any time.


Moreover, electric shoes align with the trend of the electric era, taking environmentalism to the extreme. For instance, Rollwalk's efficiency is currently unmatched in personal electric vehicles.

A 3.2Ah battery can carry you for an astonishing 15.5 miles of gliding. It's simply incredible.

In terms of speed, they're similar to most PEVs, making them the best electric travel tool in the city.

So, what electric shoes should regular folks choose?

From a layman's perspective, Moonwalkers are the most distinctive and priciest. Rollwalk electric shoes offer the best value for money.

Both Moonwalkers shoes and Rollwalk electric shoes are easy to learn to use. Moonwalkers weigh 1.4kg per shoe, while Rollwalk electric shoes weigh 2kg each.

In terms of actual experience, Moonwalkers require you to keep lifting your feet, like carrying a small sandbag on your feet.

Rollwalk electric shoes, on the other hand, don't require you to raise your feet; you just need to control the waver controller to glide on the road.

If you want to use electric shoes daily, I believe Rollwalk electric shoes are perfect.

Their range and speed are more than enough for most commuting needs, and they can even accompany you on a new travel adventure. It's a great choice.

Suppose you strongly desire to explore technological innovations. In that case, you can wait for Moonwalkers to have offline stores to try before you buy.

 Shopping at Ikea in Rollwalk motorized shoes

In conclusion


The future is upon us, just like in the future era of Air Gear, and it's coming in the form of AI powered electric shoes.

It's an incredibly convenient and environmentally friendly way to travel.

Whether driven by environmental concerns or just wanting to keep up with the times, we should all be willing to try new things.

Electric shoes are definitely the best choice if you need some fun commuting tools.


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