7 Tips Every electric rollerblades Must Know By Rollwalk

7 Tips Every Electric Skates Must Know

Do you think you know everything about electric rollerblades?

Here are 7 tips that all riders should know about Rollwalk skating

We still believe these essential tips will help you!

Rollwalk eRW3 zips through the parking lot

1) If you don't use the remote control, the electric rollerblades are 0 power consumption.

When both it and the remote control are on and connected, if you don't press the acceleration button on the remote control, the skate will not consume any power!

Riding it as a traditional skate will not automatically consume your battery after it starts.

Important: Please turn off the remote control to start skating

Try not to skate while the remote control is connected to avoid accidental touching of the remote control and safety accidents

If your remote control battery is close to running out of power, but the roller skate still has power, the remote control can still use the braking function (but you will not be able to accelerate)

And when your roller skate is entirely dead, your roller skate can still communicate with the remote control to receive braking commands.

But because the electric rollerblades use an electronic brake, their braking power will be weakened or lost when the battery is about to run out or has run out.

Solution tip: You can turn off the remote control for some time when the motor will reverse charge the electric skates.

Rollwalk compatible remote control detail picture

2) The wheel slide will automatically shut down.

Even if you don't turn off the connection between the skate and the remote control, they will automatically turn off after 5 minutes and 30 seconds of standby.

If you want to turn off the electric control system of the electric rollerblades, turn off your remote control.

Although it will automatically turn off after 5 minutes and 30 seconds without operating the remote control

And the remote control will automatically shut down after one minute of standby when it is not connected.

3) You must prepare the brakes when you go downhill with the electric rollerblades.

When going downhill, you don't need any electric acceleration.

You need to control your center of gravity, prevent sudden road conditions, and prepare to brake.

When going downhill, the speed is usually breakneck, and you need to control your speed by using the brakes in combination with the road conditions.

Mastering speed and center of gravity is the most fundamental principle for a qualified skater.

4) Pay attention to your center of gravity at all times.

We found the safest, most energy-saving skating position and electric skateboard consistent in the long-time test.

It would help if you were in a semi-squatting position, with your front and back feet parallel. Or the most stable posture.

This position can be ready for any situation and stabilize your center of gravity with minimal effort.

The best position to use electric roller skates to save energy and stability

If you want to get faster in the slide, you can lower your upper body to make less wind resistance.

Suppose you want to get steering in motion. In that case, it is recommended that you stop accelerating and coordinate your front and rear feet to adjust your direction.

5) Please check your bindings at the beginning of each skate.

You need to check the state of your fixation before each start of skating

This can be very effective in preventing a safety accident during the exercise.

Make sure your magnetic clips are fully locked.

The length of the Velcro you adjust can be perfect to completely fix your feet on the electric roller skate.

Special note: You need to check this every time you start skating.

Every time you use it, you need to check the strap fixing

6) The braking system affects the operating feeling.

The regenerative braking system can provide a smoother braking process by adjusting the braking force of the motor.

Compared with traditional physical braking, regenerative braking can achieve a more linear, controlled deceleration effect.

Rollwalk's e-brake adds Hall's linear brake system

This is a very safe protection mechanism, with sensitive Hall linear brakes for precise braking at any moment

Note: Don't brake sharply when skating at high speed; you need to be familiar with the braking force and reasonably adjust your center of gravity to match the brakes.

7) Please wear a complete set of protective gear.

Whether you are a beginner or an old bird who has mastered skating.

All need to wear a complete set of protective gear, they include knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and helmets.

These allow you to learn to skate better and significantly reduce the damage to each skater in actual use.

Of course, the Rollwalk eRW3 Pro electric rollerblades package has a high-quality protective gear set.

In addition, Rollwalk also offers a complete set of protective gear that can be purchased separately.


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