Electric shoes shock price: Rollwalk electrical shoes Black Friday limited offer, starting at $279.


Many people interested in electric shoes have been deterred by the prices of these kicks. Even the Rollwalk eRW3, crowned as the cost-performance king of electric shoe, had a hefty price tag of $499 before the price drop, which still made many hesitate.


Black Friday Limited Special - Rollwalk Electric Shoes Starting at Only $279

Rollwalk motorized shoes announced a significant price drop for the Rollwalk eRW3, bringing the price down from $499 to $379, a total reduction of $120.

The protective gear version and PRO version also saw a $120 drop, selling at $399 and $449, respectively.

On top of this, there's an incredible Black Friday offer - a $100 coupon for the Rollwalk eRW3.

The minimum price for Rollwalk electrical shoes is now only $279.

It's a fantastic opportunity to own a pair without a hefty expense, making it the perfect gift for yourself or friends and family who enjoy the pleasures of life.

Rollwalk electric shoes Black Friday limited offer, starting at $279.

Rollwalk Gives Back 30% of Profits to New Users of Electric Shoes.

Through robust resource integration and long-term partnerships with motor manufacturers and various accessory producers,

Rollwalk has optimized the production chain, reducing the production cost of Rollwalk electric shoes by 30%.

To allow more people to experience the efficiency and portability that motorized shoes bring to life,

Rollwalk has decided to pass on the entire 30% cost savings to all new users eager to try electrical shoes.



Benefits and Rights for Existing Users:

In addition to the price reduction promotion for new users, we offer exclusive benefits and rights for existing users who have invested in Rollwalk electric shoes.

Rights include eligibility for testing and experiencing the Rollwalk eRW4 (possibly Rollwalk eRW5/6) electric wheel shoes.

Benefits include a unique Rollwalk alliance link for every user invested in Rollwalk electric shoe.

By successfully purchasing through this exclusive link, users can receive a percentage of cashback.

Please get in touch with, provide your order number, and get the alliance registration link.

Users who invested before November 15, 2023, will be identified as existing users based on Los Angeles time.


Take Rollwalk motorized roller skates up the stairs, and compare them with motorized skateboards

Rollwalk highly values the comprehensive experience of every user, whether it's the user experience of electric shoes or suggestions for product optimization.

Every user's input here is a footprint in the advancement of Rollwalk motorized shoes.


Reasons for Price Reduction:

Corporate Strength Support - Cooperation with Motor Suppliers

Behind this bold move of Rollwalk Electric Shoes is solid corporate support.

Rollwalk has signed a long-term cooperation agreement with motor suppliers, meaning the supply chain for electrical shoes will be more stable and reliable, with lower costs.

No longer need to worry about supply shortages,

Rollwalk can consistently provide excellent product quality.

Logistics Warehouse Construction - Reducing Transportation Costs

Rollwalk has established warehouses in Los Angeles, USA, and Germany to provide efficient logistics services to customers.

This shortens the transportation time of goods and reduces transportation costs, ensuring you receive your Rollwalk electric shoe faster.

Rollwalk has always been committed to efficiency and cost control.

Building logistics warehouses worldwide is a solid step toward fast shipping.

Product Cost Optimization - Electric Shoe Accessories and Assembly Chain Optimization

Rollwalk has optimized the production process for accessories, further reducing product costs. Lean production and improved assembly chains increase production efficiency.

The labor cost of Rollwalk electric shoe has also been effectively controlled. Now,

Rollwalk can offer competitive prices without sacrificing quality, making motorized shoes more accessible to a broader audience.

Rollwalk Electric Shoes Black Friday Extravaganza

The significant price reduction of Rollwalk e shoes sets this Black Friday apart.

To welcome this extraordinary price drop, Rollwalk is fully prepared.

By lowering the threshold, Rollwalk aims to let more people experience the charm of electric shoes.

Black Friday starts on November 15, with a reduced price of $379 plus a $100 Black Friday discount, making the minimum price for Rollwalk electric shoes only $279.


RollWalk Black & White eRW 3 Electric Skates Main image-2-3

Leading the Electric Shoe Market - Price Reduction Promotes Further Industry Development

This price drop for Rollwalk electric wheel shoes will impact the industry.

It lowers the barrier to entry into motorized shoes, providing more people with the desire to experience them.

Rollwalk Electric Shoes will receive more user feedback to iterate further and improve the product. At the same time,

Rollwalk hopes that electrical shoescan offer more convenience and fun to more people through this initiative.


Commute on the Street with the Rollwalk eRW 3 Electric Shoes

Seize the Opportunity and Experience the Charm of Rollwalk Electric Shoes!

Rollwalk e shoes will kick off this year's Black Friday shopping spree with an unprecedented price drop.

You can get Rollwalk electrical shoes for $279 on this special day without financial pressure.

Take advantage of this fantastic holiday opportunity to take the first step into the electric future and enjoy the convenience and fun all powered electric shoes bring, whether you're an ordinary office worker or an electric tool enthusiast.

As long as you aspire to a more accessible and environmentally friendly way of travel, Rollwalk electric shoes will be your best companion.


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