We at Rollwalk look forward to helping you.
Despite the amount of information provided to you you, there will still be some questions that exist.
However, before contacting us, please review the list of frequently asked questions below.
If you can't find the answer, we're happy to help.

What is Rollwalk?

What is rollwalk?

Rollwalk is a team with a rich four-year history in the electric shoe industry.
With the launch of the eRW3 (third generation) AI-powered electric shoes, we have reached an exciting milestone.
Our ongoing dedication to overcoming various technical challenges demonstrates our commitment to advancing the electric shoe industry.
Our experience and expertise set us apart as innovators in the motorized shoe space.

What rollwalk do?

Rollwalk has a clear goal: to develop faster, more efficient electric shoes for AI-smart short trips.
With our eRW3, we're not just selling a product, we're enabling an innovative mode of transportation.
We are trying to combine cutting-edge technology with the convenience of personal travel to make short trips faster and easier.

The Rollwalk Story

Order an electric shoes?

How do I buy a electric shoes?

The process is easy.

1. Find the products you need to buy on RollWalk.com, the official website.

2. Add your favorite electric roller skates to the shopping cart/directly to make a purchase.

3. Get extra discount at RollWalk, choose the biggest discount way to order.

4. Choose between different payment options as they vary depending on where you live.

5. Fill in your shipping information: email, shipping address, including your cell phone number.

6. Choose the shipping method you need.

7. Make sure your shipping address is correct and up-to-date.

8. Always remember to use your discount code and enter the discount to get a discount on your order.

9. Once the payment is shown as successful, your order is complete.

RollWalk will ship your order within 1-2 business days.

Please reach out if you have any further questions!

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--Clearer buying process (with example diagrams)

Do you ship to my country?

1. We ship worldwide, so yes, we likely ship to your county. We have customers on all continents.

2. Electric Shoes in the USA and Canada are shipped from the American warehouse in Los Angeles, California.

3. Electric Shoes in Europe are shipped from our warehouse in German.

4. Electric Shoes in Asia / Australia are shipped from Shenzhen.

Learn more about shipping policies

Reach out if you have any questions!

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Can I buy spare parts?

Yes, you can conveniently order original spare parts for your electric shoes on our webshop: https://rollwalk.com/collections/accessories

You can also find different accessories and protective gear: https://rollwalk.com/collections/skate-protective-gear


How is the electric shoes delivered?

The electric shoes are delivered in a multi-protected customized cardboard box, which also includes instructions, charger, accessories, and tools for replacing electric shoe parts.

When purchasing is, you can choose the shipping method and timeframe.
For more specific information please see the shipping policy

How long is the delivery time?

United States and Canada
Your motorized shoes will be shipped within 2-4 days in the United States. Within Canada it is 5-7 days and orders are shipped from our local warehouse in Los Angeles, CA to the nearest collection point and then final delivery is made using ground transportation.

European Union
Shipping time for your motorized shoes within the European Union countries is 3-7 days. Orders within the EU are shipped by ground transportation. From local warehouses in Germany.

Rest of the World
Learn more about regional shipping times and methods in the shipping policy

Is the charger induded in the price?

Of course! The charger and the accessories and tools required for motorized shoes are included in the price and are supplied with the motorized shoes!

How is the electric shoes delivered?

While damage during shipping is rare, it can still happen. Make sure the box is intact when you deliver it.

If the box appears damaged, Open the package before receiving it while the driver is still present. Take photos of the damage to the motorized shoe and contact our support staff.

If the damage is severe, Refuse the delivery and contact our support staff.

If the damage is minor, Accept the shipment and contact our support staff. We will send you the necessary parts to get you back up and running soon.

Can I cancel my order?

Your order can only be canceled before it ships.

To cancel the order, please email us: support@RollWalk.com.

Your payment will be refunded in 7 business days


NOTE: Canceling order request isn't available during the weekeend OR Holiday

Why my order has not shipped out?

After ordering, your order is packed and ready to ship. It will be shipped in 1-2 days on business days.
You will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number once the package is shipped.

Why my order has been refunded?

Because your order was detected as an account with high risk. So, we have to cancel your order and you will receive a refund within 7 business days.

Here are some reasons that may cause High-Risk.

① Shipping address is far from location of IP address

② Characteristics of this order are similar to fraudulent orders observed in the past.

③ Card Verification Value (CVV) isn't available

④ Billing address ZIP or postal code isn't available to match with the credit card's registered address

⑤ Too many payment attempts.

If you are still willing to purchase a electric shoes from us, please use another email address. For further assistance, please contact your bank account. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Do I need to pay for the tax?

Custom duties are included for all of our shipping destinations.
VAT (Value Added Tax) is not included in the total purchase price.​

VAT (Value Added Tax) rates are subject to change. Consult your local tax authorities for the latest rates.

My parcel is lost.   It shows "delivered", however I never received it.

Here is a procedure you can follow to report a lost package:
First, you, the consignee, have to contact the delivery company to log a complaint.
Tell them you did not receive the package, however its status say it was "delivered".
Then, you would receive a complaint number from the delivery company. We can forward the number to our shipping agency, so they can urge the delivery company to reply.
The delivery company will send you a message. You will receive a compensation if it is confirmed that the package was lost during transit. We have followed this procedure several times and can say this is the best way to get your money back.
Please send the complaint number to support@RollWalk.com, so we can support you. Usually it will take a week to get a reply from the delivery company and a month to get the compensation from the delivery company.

How long does shipping take?

Varies based on country, please find the details in the shipping policy.

Can I refuse receiving the goods?

Yes, but you shall bear all the expenses incurred.

Why was my package returned?

There are several possible reasons like wrong or incomplete address, invalid phone number, unable to deliver etc.

Why do you separate two or more packages of my order?

Usually it is due to the requirements of customs or courier companies, such as weight limit or battery separation.

Refund & Warranty

What is the warranty on the items I purchase from Rollwalk.com?

We offer a 6 month limited warranty on all manufacturing defective products.
The warranty period begins when the package arrives according to order tracking records.
After the warranty period has expired, the item will no longer be eligible for a refund/exchange.

How do I return an item?

Please review our return policy and then contact our customer service staff with the item you wish to return.

What is the status of my refund?

It usually takes 5-7 business days to process your return after we receive your package.

If you choose to have a refund issued to your credit card, the process can take up to 7-14 business days, depending on your card. Thank you for your understanding.


Is the electric shoes street legal in my country?

Currently, there is no precise definition of classification for motorized shoes, which can be a pair of skates at any time.
It also means that there is currently no regulation restricting motorized shoes.

In terms of function, it is similar to an electric skateboard. Still, it is much safer than an electric skateboard, the speed is easier to control, and because of its size, it is also more flexible.

What are the measurements of the electric shoes?

Rollwalk electric shoes fit feet 23.7-29.6cm long, EU SIZE 38.5-47.5 and US SIZE 6-13.
The foot holds are all adjustable, making it easy to glide regardless of your shape.
To get a better idea of how Rollwalk's different motorized shoes can fit you, please refer to our sizing chart!

Where can I get help if something on the electric shoes needs to get repaired?

If your motorized shoe is not working correctly, please check our Warranty and FAQ pages to find a solution.

If you need help finding the problem you're experiencing, please contact Rollwalk directly by filling out the form, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

I would like to change rims. What rims fit my electric shoes?

You can find the right wheels to buy in Rollwalk's accessories.

No wheels are currently on the shelves.

Are Rollwalk electric shoes waterproof?

Electric shoes are IPX4 waterproof.

However, Rollwalk electric shoes cannot be submerged in water and can withstand rain and sliding in water.

Note: Use a towel to scrub, not a faucet to rinse. If they are not cleaned properly, they may damage the electrical components of the bike, the

Battery & charging

How long can I skate for on a single charge?

We did the ultimate speed test on a gentle marble floor, and the Rollwalk eRW3 could glide for 15.5 miles.
If you're going 10mph, the electric shoes will last longer.

What can have an impact on range?

Some factors that could affect the range: Rider's weight, terrain, wind resistance, temperature, speed, and brake mode.

How long does it take to charge the electric shoes?

Rollwalk has two chargers, 88.2W 3A and 44.1W 1.5A.
The 88.2W charger will fill a shoe in 1 hour.
The 44.1W takes 2 hours.

The eRW3 comes with a 44.1W charger!
The eRW3 Pro comes with an 88.2W charger.

How do I charge my electric shoes?

You can charge your electric shoes using a normal 120V/220V outlet in your home.

You can charge the battery at any percentage of charge.

For detailed steps, you can check BLOG: How to charge electric shoes?

How do batteries/electric shoes perform in hot and cold conditions?

Always store your motorized shoes indoors, away from strong sunlight, to avoid unnecessary aging or discoloration. Never keep your bike in temperatures below 10°C.

Is it possible to remove the battery from electric shoes?

YES! All Rollwalk batteries can be removed.
However, we do not recommend it. The complex internal structure can quickly become unrecoverable.
If your battery is running low on life, it can be replaced through Rollwalk's official warranty channels.


How much weight can motorized shoes carry?

The maximum weight range of a RollWalk E-Skates is330 lbs / 150 kg. However, we recommend is260lbs/118kgor lower to ensure the performance of the E-Skates is not impacted.

How do I take care of my electric shoes?

Store your electric shoes in a dry area and charge your board at least once a month to avoid unrecoverable battery damage.

What kind of license do I need to use the electric shoes?

Electric shoes are in the 25 km/h range most of the time during normal use - no driver's license is required to ride in most areas.

How fast are electric shoes?

Most electric shoes have a speed of 25km/h or less.
Rollwalk eRW3 electric shoes have a top speed of 20mph.
With four-speed adjustments, you can control the gliding speed at any level.

How can motorized shoes improve my efficiency?

Motorized shoes increase walking speed by 800%, and a 40-minute journey can be reached in only 5-6 minutes.
It is also easy to traverse different terrains.
Bring more efficiency to your life and work!

How do Rollwalk electric shoes reduce the total cost of ownership?

You can find the best discount coupons on Rollwalk.com before you buy.
Or just ask customer service how to get the most significant discounts available.

Once you receive your motorized shoes, you can maximize the economic value of your motorized shoes by using them more frequently.

What payment/rental options does Rollwalk offer?

We offer PayPal and Stripe collection channels.
You can use Paypal, Stripe, VISA, Master Card, AMEX, or Apple Pay to pay for your order.

What is the difference between the lightweight Rollwalk electric shoes and the Moonwalker?

Rollwalk motorized shoes are faster, lighter, and more cost-effective.
Moreover, Rollwalk motorized shoes are virtually silent and require no foot lifting during use.
Moonwalker is a good innovation, but it needs much time to improve.
Please look forward to BLOG: What's the best way to choose between Rollwalk electric shoes and Moonwalker?

Are there any videos of motorized shoe skating reviews?

Yes, we have many professional KOLs testing our products.
You can search Rollwalk on YouTube or FB group for the latest reviews.
Of course, there are also many ordinary people trying our products.
You can check out the blog Motorized Shoes Usage Share - Michael.

I would like to partner with Rollwalk.

I'm glad you're so eager! We have a variety of programs to promote different businesses in different industries.

Learn more and contact us.

Risks Challenges


Please always read our warning mark before you start using our product, and make sure you always wear a helmet and your protective gear, just in case. Do not ride the E-Shoes out of your skill level, and always care about your surroundings. Please do not ride the electric shoes in wet conditions.


There are risks of severe or fatal injury from collision, loss of control, and unexpected falls while using these Electric shoes. It is your sole responsibility to safely ride these Electric shoes to reduce the risks: please read our user's manual carefully and learn how to turn, accelerate, and brake these Electric shoes. RollWalk recommends you start with the beginner's (low speed) mode before using the sports (high speed) mode. Please use these Electric shoes reasonably within the control of your abilities. Refrain from using these E-Shoes on dangerous road sections or big downhills. Do not use these Electric shoes at night or in poor visibility environments to avoid accidents. RollWalk will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by the user in accidents.

Wear protective gear and a helmet when using this Electric roller.

Children under 14 must use these Electric shoes under an adult's supervision, or please place the product where children can't reach.

Please abide by local traffic regulations and laws to ride these Electric shoes; please respect other drivers and pedestrians on the road.

Please do frequent maintenance checks: before riding, ensure screws are tight, and wheels are in good condition. Do not charge the battery if the board and battery are wet. Please make sure to keep the board in dry condition before setting.

Please do not open the battery or controller cases without direction from RollWalk tech support, please do not modify the wiring or controller, and please do not install the electric parts from other suppliers to the RollWalk Electric rollerblades, which will terminate the warranty immediately.