8 Tips You Must Know Before Buying Electric Roller Skates02

8 Tips You Must Know Before Buying Electric Roller Skates

Are you thinking of getting yourself a brand-new pair of electric roller skates?

Or are you looking for tips on how to keep your electric skates in top shape?

Well, this blog is just what you need!

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned skater, these tips will be helpful to you.

Suitable Terrain for Electric Roller Skates

Electric skates are designed to conquer various terrains, making them the perfect companion for all your skating adventures.

Whether you're an urban explorer or an outdoor enthusiast, these skates can effortlessly handle diverse environments.

In the city, they glide effortlessly through busy streets, allowing you to easily maneuver through traffic and crowded sidewalks.

The compact design and agile handling make them ideal for commuting to work, school, or exploring hidden city treasures.

Take your electric roller to outdoor trails and parks for thrill-seekers and nature lovers.

You can confidently tackle rough terrains and uneven surfaces with sturdy wheels and powerful motors.

Embark on an exciting outdoor adventure and experience the joy of gliding through nature.

Electric roller skates perform exceptionally well at skate parks and recreational areas.

Unleash your skate soul, showcasing your skills on ramps and slopes.

The high-performance motors and responsive controls allow you to execute various tricks and move with precision and style.

Styles of Electric Roller Skates

There are two main styles of electric roller. One is the electric roller skate, represented by products like Rollwalk eRW3.

The other style is electric inline skates, and Rollwalk is also working on a product in this category, the eRW2.

Of course, other options are available in the market, like Escendblades and Atmosgear, both excellent electric inline skates.

What do you value the most as a beginner using electric skates? Is it portability, battery life, ease of use, or comfort?

Each person will weigh these factors differently. Electric inline skates might be more challenging to handle unless you are an experienced skater.

Most riders choose four-wheel electric roller skates because they are easier to control and offer high playability.

Unlike inline skates, four-wheel roller skates are half the size, providing a significant advantage in storage and portability.

Many see electric skates as an innovative mode of transportation, offering unmatched maneuverability in urban settings.

They represent the future of personal mobility, combining speed, safety, and high flexibility for the perfect ride.

Types of Drive Systems for Electric Roller Skates

Speaking of the power systems of electric skates, I'm sure every skater is familiar with the creative modifications shown in the images below.

These innovative modifications have significant significance for electric roller skates

These innovative modifications have significant significance for electric roller skates.

Gasoline engines, mechanical systems, and electric motor-driven roller skates have been explored.

Electric roller skates are continuously evolving towards lighter weight and portability.

Each product iteration revolves around portability, power, speed, and safety.

This is a consensus among all electric roller skate enthusiasts, just like Air Gear in 2002, which depicted a different blueprint for future transportation.

Accessories for Electric Roller Skates

First and foremost, safety gear is essential. For beginners learning electric roller skating, six protective gear pieces are a must-have.

Knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards can significantly reduce injuries during the learning process.

On top of these, consider adding a high-quality helmet; a regular sports helmet would suffice.

Suppose you plan to experience higher speeds on some roads. In that case, I recommend wearing a full-face helmet for better protection in case of accidents.

As for other accessories, helmet lights, handheld flashlights, and reflective vests are all good choices.

They provide added safety for your rides under various road conditions.

Regular Inspection for Electric Roller Skates

Of course, regular inspection is essential.

I usually advise riders to check all screws and bolts before each ride or at least weekly.

After using the electric skates, I habitually wipe them clean and quickly inspect all screws and bolts before storing them.

This helps eliminate the majority of possibilities of shoe breakage during skating.

Extending the Lifespan of Electric Roller Skates

When we talk about extending the lifespan of electric skates, we mainly refer to prolonging battery life, as the mainboard and motors rarely have issues; Only the batteries will have a degraded life.

After each charge, you can continue to plug in the shoes for 30 minutes to 1 hour or use the 45W slow charger to extend battery life.

Although the 90W fast charger can fully charge in an hour, when it comes to battery maintenance, the 45W slow charger is recommended.

Travelling with Your Electric Roller Skates

Please check the regulations in your country/region and guidelines from airlines.

You can carry your electric roller skates as long as you stay within the highest battery capacity limit.

Whether flying, taking the train, or traveling by car, remember to bring your electric skates!

No one can deny that it's the best way to explore new territories.

Connecting with Other Skaters in Your Area

You can join Facebook groups and find local skate communities or start your own electric roller skate organization.

Talking to fellow riders you randomly encounter on the streets can also lead to making more skateboarding friends. Trust me, group rides are enjoyable.

Of course, in addition to electric roller skates, electric skateboard organizations, and speed skating organizations are also good choices.

Through local communities, you can quickly gain assistance and receive valuable tips specific to your region from other skaters.


We hope you enjoyed these skating tips.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below, and check out the Rollwalk Facebook group and Instagram.

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