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Electric Skates VS Regular Skates, Which Is Better?

Electric roller skates have been available since 2015 and keep improving.

By the end of 2022, electric roller skates will already have a complete design, and I believe this product will also revolutionize the sport of roller skating.

It's no longer just a sport, it's also the best choice for the last mile.

Rollerbladers are able to skate faster and farther than ever before, opening up different horizons for rollerbladers.

History of Roller Skating-Electric skates vs regular skates, which is better-RollWalk

Reviewing the history of roller skating:

In 1743, First recorded use of roller skates, in a London stage performance.

In 1760, First recorded skate invention, by John Joseph Merlin, who created a primitive inline skate with small metal wheels.

In 1863, The four-wheeled turning roller skate, in New York City by James Leonard Plimpton in an attempt to improve upon previous designs.

In 1962, Tom Hancocks (Tom Hancocks) put a big engine into the construction of his roller skates. A sizeable electric roller skate was manufactured.

In 2015, RocketSkates Acton Electric Skates went on sale and the world's first smart electric skates appeared

Next, you will learn more about electric and regular skates and their respective advantages and disadvantages.

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Their differences:

Electric roller skates are similar to Tesla electric cars because they are electrical products.

The controller operates the entire mobile device, powered by a battery and driven by an electric motor. The three main components make up the electric roller skates.

Ordinary roller skates rely on the user's physical strength to glide, both its strength and weakness. Of class, if you want to exercise on roller skates, this is a great option!

Take RollWalk electric roller skates, for example; the RollWalk eRW3 electric roller skates have a maximum speed of 20mph (32kph).

While regular roller skates brush the street at a maximum speed of about 8-12mph.

Roller skates require more time for training when learning to run freely.

Electric roller skates and regular roller skates are very maneuverable and very easy to adjust speed and direction.

Advantages of Electric skates:

They are very convenient and can cover long distances quickly and easily without breaking a sweat. This makes them ideal for commuting or moving around.

The downside to electric roller skates is the limited battery range.
In the case of RollWalk, the eRW3 has a range of 17 km for the basic version and increases to 22 km for the PRO version.
This is enough for most travel scenarios. The direction of battery replacement is still under development, so let's look forward to it together.

The increase in range is due to the increase in battery density, which does not increase its size, but only adds a little weight.

RollWalk uses a Samsung battery pack of higher quality than Tesla, which can get more power for the same battery volume.

Advantages of regular roller skates:

Regular roller skates provide a better balance and physical workout. It not only provides a cardiovascular workout but also exercises the muscles in the legs and core.

It comes in 2 types, including inline skates and quad skates. Inline skates are faster and more professional, while quad skates are more stable and easier to control.

Both types of shoes require physical strength and skill to use effectively and have a limited distance of movement that can be covered in a given period, concerning the skater's endurance.

Roller skates require long hours of exercise and practice to improve endurance and skating skills.

Electric skates vs regular skates, which is better-RollWalk eRW2

Electric roller skates will be the fashionable mobility tool of the future:

Whether you are a skateboarder, an onewheeler, or a regular roller skater, electric roller skates are a quality option for mobility upgrades.

It offers safer speeds and is portable enough to fit in your backpack and keep rolling anywhere in the city.

You can commute to work or show your uniqueness in a social skate.

While it may cost more, the superior mobility experience makes it worthy of consideration.

At the same time, electric roller skates are environmentally friendly, reducing carbon emissions by 48 grams for every kilometer rolled.

You deserve to experience this greener, more comfortable, and safer way of skating.

RollWalk offers the world's leading electric roller skates and great service.


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