Rollwalk electric roller skates begin shipping worldwide

Rollwalk Electric Roller Skates Begin Shipping Worldwide!

Rollwalk's friends.

In the past month, we've received nearly a dozen emails from partners in Europe and elsewhere asking when Rollwalk will ship to the global market.

Letters from a few friends about what Rollwalk motorized roller skates would be suitable for worldwide shipment

Even before we received these emails, we were already preparing.

Until yesterday, we had already confirmed the shipping route and related formalities.


So, we now announce that Rollwalk electric roller skates have officially landed on the global market!


The moment you've been waiting for has finally arrived! You can purchase the hot eRW3 electric skates directly from the Rollwalk website.

We process global orders within 48 hours.

Currently, we only offer a 9-15 business day shipping channel.

The local-global warehouse is still in preparation and will be completed soon.

As the leader in electric skates, Rollwalk has always been respected for its innovation, quality, and performance.

We know that many people globally love electric roller skates,

so we have been trying to introduce this way of traveling to the global market as soon as possible so that more people can experience the unique charm of electric roller skates.


The eRW3 electric roller skate is not just a way to get around; it's a new way to explore.

You can skate fast on the city streets and feel the excitement of the wind whistling past your ears;

you can also skate rhythmically in the park, turning skating into a more accessible artistic expression.

Its flexibility and maneuverability will allow you to discover another fantastic city view.


What is more remarkable is that eRW3 electric skates are an environmentally friendly and low-carbon way of traveling.

It adopts a zero-emission electric power system, which not only reduces carbon emissions but also makes your travel traveling more ecologically friendly.

Compared with traditional modes of transport, choosing electric roller skates is a way to contribute to a cleaner and greener urban environment.

 Motorized roller skates stand out with energy efficiency performance of electric products

No more worries about traffic congestion and carbon footprint;

now, you can choose eRW3 electric roller skates to start a new way of traveling.

Visit the Rollwalk website today to select your preferred style and size.

Let the eRW3 electric skates take you on a journey of unlimited urban possibilities!


The future of skating is in your hands!


There are no shipping channels for Thailand yet, so stay tuned to Rollwalk.
Shipping channels for Southeast Asia may be available in time.


Can you shipping to Thailand?

Nuttapon Srisamo

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