How do you make turns on electric skates And how do you skate in reverse

How Do You Make Turns on Electric Skates? And How Do You Skate in Reverse?

When you're gliding forward, there's a limit to the turning radius.
So, when you're ready to make a turn, you can try these two methods.

The first approach is to shift your upper body to the right, creating an offset in your center of gravity.
Another way is to lean your feet to the left, causing your body to shift to the right and achieve a rightward shift in your center of gravity.
Once your center of gravity shifts, the electric roller skates, and your body will turn to the right.

For turning left, reverse the process.

In addition to this, your speed will also affect the angle of your turn.
The slower your speed, the wider the turn angle. Conversely, making sharp turns is challenging when skating at high rates.
Understanding the relationship between speed and turning angle takes a lot of practice, which will help you navigate various terrains more smoothly.

Now that you've learned how to turn, how about skating in reverse?
The reverse mode is controlled using the remote. After turning on the remote, you'll see a forward arrow.
After successfully switching Arrow Back, the start-up process is like gliding forward.

Rollwalk Electric roller skates reverse skating mode remote control adjustment

Stabilize your center of gravity and gradually adjust to the reverse speed.
It's worth noting that the reverse mode also has four-speed levels.

Note: It's not recommended to use the PRO mode in reverse. Since your body is moving backward, it's harder to control than normal forward gliding.


Please read the instruction manual carefully before using the electric roller skates. 

Remember to wear proper gear for safety rides, such as helmets, elbow pads,

wrist guards, and knee pads.

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