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Electric Scooters VS Electric Roller Skates, Which Is Better?

Electric roller skates and electric scooters are becoming rapidly popular because of their ease of short-distance mobility.

Do you also want to get one of them to avoid heavy traffic, but still don't know which one is better for you?

Both of them cost a great deal of money so it is essential to fully understand the cons and pros, use before purchasing.

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Maybe you care a lot about the portability.

You may focus on the max speed to catch the subway or bus in time.

You may also be concerned about cost-effectiveness, since you've ditched your car to save on high gas price.

Or, maybe you want to travel with fun on your electric rollerblades or scooters.

We'll compare the different aspects of electric rollerblades and electric scooters to help you to make your decision easier.

So, let's get started now!

Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter and Rollwalk eRW3 Electric Roller Skates Comparison

Similarities between electric roller skates and electric scooters

● Insanely fun to ride

● High energy efficient and environmentally friendly

● Suitable for short-distance commuting

● Easy to carry

The uses of electric roller skates and electric scooters are both excellent micro-mobility devices.

They are fun to use for both commuting and recreation.

They are powered by electricity and they use less energy than traditional electric cars or scooters.

It does not produce any pollution and also reduce energy costs.

Especially the electric roller skates barrow is very easy to carry.

Comparison of using Xiaomi M365 electric scooter and Rollwalk eRW3 electric roller skates for skating on the street

Despite these similarities, there are also many differences between electric rollerblades and electric scooters.

Differences between electric roller skates and electric scooters


Electric scooters are usually much safer than electric rollerblades.

Electric scooters have bigger wheels and handlebars that are fully controlled by hands, making steering more manageable and safer.

Electric roller skating requires better physical coordination.

Compared to electric scooters, they are more flexible and can cross the crowd at will.

Sturdy 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy hugely improve the electric roller skates' sturdiness.


The price of scooters ranges from $300-2000. Usually, lower-priced scooters have lower-performance.

And the price of electric roller skates ranges from $400-$900.

Next, let's compare the performance comparisons between Rollwalk eRW3 and Xiaomi M365.

The price of the eRW3 electric roller skates is $479 ($30 off discount code: 30_OFF)

Xiaomi M365 electric scooter is $450.

Comparison of the main parameters of Xiaomi M365 electric scooter and Rollwalk eRW3 electric roller skates-1


All scooters are almost always above 10KG; the Xiaomi M365, with a price of $450, weighs 12.5kg

The Rollwalk eRW3, on the other hand, weighs only 2kg, only 1/6th of the Xiaomi M365.

The smaller weight makes them more portable for daily commute.


Xiaomi M365 scooter is already more compact among scooters, but it still occupies a lot of space.

It measures 44″ x 17″ x 19″, and you still need to find a bike parking space for the scooter after ride.

Rollwalk eRW3 is only 11.5″ x 5″ x 3.5″

This means you can put it in your backpack or place it anywhere.

And you can start your city tour anywhere.


The Rollwalk eRW3, which will be on sale soon, uses 300W*2 brushless motors.

It can reach the speed of 20mph (32kph).

While Xiaomi M365 scooter only has 16mph(25kph).

From the above comparsions, Rollwalk eRW3 is better.

However, most of the scooters in the market usually have much higher speeds than Xiaomi scooters.

Of course, you need to pay more for the higher performance.

On the other hand, the Rollwalk eRW3 electric roller skates is the best to get in this category of electric roller skating.

The outstanding performance is very exceptional in the whole category of electric roller skating.


It is easy to see that electric scooters have a better range than electric rollerblades.

The scooter has more battery space, and the entire pedal is underneath where the battery is stored.

On the other hand, the electric scooter only has a little space for the placement of the three electric systems.

Xiaomi M365 electric scooter has a range of 18 miles (30km).

While the Rollwalk eRW3 electric roller skates uses Samsung's high-density energy 18650 battery pack.

It also has a range of 13.7 miles (22km).

Field Adaptability

Make no mistake, even if the scooter's tires and standing surface are large enough, it still can't skate on the bumpier Los Angeles roads.

Please be careful passing gravel roads due to the scooter's chassis.

Likewise, electric scooters need a flatter surface to get a better scootering experience.

Electric scooters and electric roller skates are adapted to the venue, bike paths, flat surfaces, skate parks, asphalt roads

Cons and pros of electric rollerblades and electric scooters

Cons of Electric roller skating

General passability

Due to the product's small size, it is challenging to design a great shock absorption system for electric roller skating.

So it is recommended to skate carefully on some poor quality roads, and it is more suitable for city roads.

As for off-road, the Rollwalk team has been working on the off-road electric skates.

More time to learn to skate.

If you have an experience in roller skating/ rollerblading, then you can learn to electric rollerblading in about ten minutes.

If you don't have that experience, you may need 30min or more to get familiar with it.

Pros of Electric roller skating

Very small and portable

Almost any tiny backpack can be packed with electric roller skates, which is very convenient.

This way, you can start your journey anywhere without being tied down by electric travel.

No more worry about finding a parking place or worrying about whether the next unlucky person to have their scooters stolen will be themselves.


You can get the Rollwalk eRW3 with a discount for only $479.

No need to save money to buy a better quality scooter.

Maximize Energy Efficiency

From an energy use perspective, the same amount of energy

on an electric scooter can travel 80miles, while on an electric rollerskates it can glide 113miles

It can still be used after the battery is low

Don't worry about the embarrassing scenario when it runs out of battery

You can turn off the controller and use it as an ordinary roller skater.

Or you can easily pack it into your backpack.

Or, you can find a place to charge it for 30min, supporting your 6 miles (10km) range.


Rollwalk eRW3 electric skate shoes can skate 10 km in 30 minutes of charging

The law does not have the policy to deal with electric skating

You can use electric skating on the street; it is flexible enough.

There is no law against electric roller skating because it is an ordinary pair of roller skates when the remote control is turned off.

Terrain crossing, flexible

In the middle of a crowd, you can better control the direction and steering, so you can quickly overtake the group.

In the face of stairs and speed bumps, you can straddle them.

Pros of electric scooters

Better comfort

Electric scooters offer better control and a more prominent standing position.

Larger size wheels make the body more comfortable when going over bumps.

Almost zero learning costs

You hardly need any learning costs, get on your scooter and grab the grip with both hands.

You've already learned how to ride an electric scooter.

Cons of electric scooters

Not easy to carry and park

Due to their size and weight, electric scooters must find a place to park when commuting.

It would help if you also were constantly on guard against car theft, which is very troublesome for many scenarios of use.

Carry the electric scooter to take the stairs and electric roller skates to take the stairs picture comparison-2

Low-priced products can not bring a better experience

To meet expectations, you have to choose a more expensive electric scooter.

A budget of $500 makes getting a quality electric scooter experience almost impossible.

Can't use without power

When the scooter runs out of power, you can't use it to glide; you must push it to your destination with your bare hands.

Complex and costly to maintain

Due to the larger size, more functions are integrated into the scooter body, resulting in a complex structure.

It is almost impossible to repair when it breaks down, and the needed repair materials are hard to buy or expensive.


It would help if you clarified several questions when choosing between an electric wheeled scooter and an electric skateboard.

● What is your budget?

● What is your main reason for using one of them?

● Which sport do you prefer?

● What are the scenarios you use more?

The cool jumping action of electric roller skating

After you have answered these questions, you may have your own answers.

For most people, scooters' size and weight are difficult to accept.

The most critical issue, many places of law and order do not allow you to take your scooter out of your line of sight.

Scooters could be more enjoyable.


So I recommend the Rollwalk eRW3 electric roller skates

It can bring more different travel experiences to everyone.

Of course, please pay more attention to your needs when choosing.


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