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Using Electric Skates: 10 Benefits

Electric skates are now more popular than ever.

Especially in cities like Los Angeles, St. Petersburg, and Florence

they have become the modern trend in urban transportation.

However, many people still are not convinced of these so-called advantages.

If you are in this category, read on, and this article may change your mind.



Safe, convenient, and easy to use

Every form of travel actually comes with some risk

However, when you compare electric skates with other portable transportation, they are probably the safest option

They require almost no operating skills

You just need to learn to keep your balance when using them.

This is a no-brainer option for those who have trouble learning electrical products.

Some electric skates have added features for the health of the user

For example, Rollwalk's eRW3 has a non-slip base plate and a powerful braking system

Ensures your ride is safe and smooth every time


Lightweight and portable

Despite the mechanical and electronic components, the overall volume of the eRW3 feels very light.

The overall frame is made of 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, weighing less than other brands of electric skates.

This makes them portable, so you can store them in your trunk or at home.

Electric skates can also take you anywhere you can think of, and you can start skating fast whenever you want.


Environmental friendliness

A list of eRW3's advantages would only be complete by mentioning its environmental friendliness.

In this era of recurring climate anomalies, many people promote green travel.

Many people have been changing how they travel

to reduce their impact on the Earth's environment.



Electric rollerblades are by far one of the most environmentally friendly options, and in addition to zero emissions, they can run on low amounts of electricity.

Electric wheelies are more efficient for commuting.

It requires only a fraction of the energy compared to a car.


In addition, the performance of motorized skates has improved significantly over the past two years, further improving their environmental friendliness.

Low operating costs

When it comes to the cost of use, electric skates stand out regardless of the type of transportation they are compared to

Compared to other modes of transportation, their cost of use is relatively low. rollwalk's eRW3 only requires 1-2 hours of charging and can give you a considerable distance to travel.


In addition, it can be charged at home or anywhere there is a charging plug.

And it's much cheaper to use them than you can take the bus, uber

All in all, they are an affordable option for everyday travel


Easy to repair and maintain

In addition to cheaper operating costs, motorized skates are also easier to maintain than other modes of transportation.

For example, a problem with your car may require inspection, professional repair, replacement parts, etc.

But when it comes to electric skates, they are easier to repair and maintain because of their relatively uncomplicated design.

It would be best if you focused on only a few of the most wearable parts

But, like the motor and battery, they rarely need repair or replacement

Electric wheelies are really great for short-distance travelRollwalk eRW3 electric roller skating skating

Although the travel range of electric skates is quite limited compared to taking trains or buses

But they are ideal for users who need to travel short distances frequently

such as commuting to an office a few kilometers away or visiting a friend in another neighborhood

They are also easier to use for taking shortcuts and passing through areas where cars and other vehicles are not allowed

For these short distances, motorized skates are much cheaper and faster to use than other options, such as electric scooters



Can skip traffic jams

Electric wheelies' motor and battery technology allows riders to go for miles without much effort.

The eRW3 is powered by a 16850 battery pack that can give riders a range of 13.7 Miles (22km)

In addition,

The eRW3 is inherently compact, which means riders can use bike lanes, sidewalks, and other traffic-free paths.

This is particularly useful in areas like Metro Manila, where roads are congested almost daily.

Walk freely and quickly through congestion in the Rollwalk eRW3 IMG4

Less noise pollution

Driving and silence rarely coexist

Traditional modes of travel, such as by car, jeep, or tricycle, can cause a lot of noise pollution.

This is especially true for older vehicles, which can be incredibly loud

This noise pollution is considered a nuisance

Thankfully, electric wheelies offer a quieter mode of transportation

Allows you to get home in peace without disturbing anyone


No permit or license required

Electric scooters have lower speeds than gas-powered scooters and bicycles and are easier to drive and maneuver.

Therefore, they do not require special permits, licenses, or other insurance to use

This is great for young users who need a form of transportation but need help to apply for a license.

However, there are still some local laws that every rider should know when using an electric wheelie.

Ensure you follow the driving laws before going out for a ride.

Illustration of being chased by the police

Get Around Quickly

Suppose you want to avoid traffic jams or rush to your destination.

Then, electric skates are definitely a good choice.

Compared to regular skating, motorized skates are faster and can cover long distances in a brief period.

Rollwalk's eRW3 has a top speed of 20mph (32 kph), giving you a long range!

In addition, since these wheelies can go through bike paths and parks, they can be a faster alternative to a car.

So if you want to feel the wind blowing through your hair, they may be for you.


Good for your health

Riding a motorized skate is a great workout that may look different from it. Still, you're actually doing cardio while you're riding.

People often think of power skating as a lazy form of transportation

But that's not true, especially if you do a lot of tricks and stunts

Because you're using your core strength to control the skate, your upper body gets a good workout too

It's a great way to improve balance and coordination because you're constantly shifting weight

Plus, you get to skate outdoors and get some fresh air

Not only will your overall health improve, but your mood will also get better and better

eRW3 electric roller skating display


Major gains

The safety, environmental friendliness, and effortlessness of electric skates make them one of the most available options for commuters everywhere

If you're interested.

you can learn more about electric wheeled commuting at Rollwalk

See more articles about electric skates here

for a more detailed look at rollwalk's eRW3.


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