How to choose a electric rollerblades and EUC

How to Choose Electric Rollerblades and EUC?


The lineup of personal electric commuting devices is growing stronger, including electric skateboards, electric scooters, Onewheel, hoverboards, electric unicycles, and more. 

These impressive products have become part of most people's daily lives over the past decade. 

However, in 2023, electric roller blades (also known as electric roller skates) have made their debut. 


Before this, I was a loyal electric unicycle (EUC) rider.

Let's dive into how to choose between Electric rollerblades and EUC. I'll share my firsthand experiences with you without holding back.


Electric roller blades - The Next-Gen Personal Commuters. 


To introduce electric rollerblades, or electric rollerblades for short, they are an exciting innovation in personal transportation.

While the term "electric roller skate" might suggest a connection to traditional roller skates, they have evolved far beyond that.

They are no longer about rolling wheels to move and exercise; instead, they rely on electric power for mobility.

The name "electric shoes" might suit them better.


Electric rollerblades offer users an exhilarating experience of effortlessly gliding across various terrains.

They are designed for those who crave speed, agility, and the thrill of control.

Their versatility is remarkable, whether you're commuting to work, weaving through busy city streets, or cruising down scenic paths.

With robust motors for seamless acceleration and precise control, riders can easily maneuver through tight spaces and crowded areas, making them an ideal choice for urban environments.


Limitations of EUC:


Electric unicycles (EUC) are single-wheeled personal transportation devices requiring exceptional balance and coordination skills.

While electric unicycles have their place among proficient enthusiasts, they do have clear limitations.

Rather than serving as a commuting tool, EUC is more like exercise equipment that allows you to embark on adventures and challenges.

While they have a commuter function, most people see them as fun adventure motorized toys.


Learning to ride an EUC comes with a steep learning curve, typically taking several days to achieve basic proficiency.

To master it and gain greater control, you need to invest more time and money.

It demands patience, focus, and a high tolerance for falls and setbacks. Every learner experiences some level of injury during their learning journey.

Electric unicycles are primarily suited for various terrains, provided you have the right tire type for the landscape.

Uneven surfaces, gravel, or rugged roads do not deter them. However, their complexity in handling makes them a challenging choice for most daily commuting scenarios.


Learning Curve for Electric Roller Blades and EUC:


In terms of learning curve, those with experience using balance-based products like electric skateboards, Onewheel, or hoverboards can quickly adapt to both categories.

However, electric rollerblades have a much shorter learning curve.

You can become familiar with their controls in as little as ten minutes, enabling you to start gliding almost immediately.

In contrast, EUC requires more than three times that time investment.

Unlike EUC, electric roller blades are suitable for riders of various skill levels, making them an excellent choice for beginners.

Novice users will appreciate the intuitiveness of electric rollerblades. They come with user-friendly wireless controllers, typically operated via a handheld remote.

The controller allows users to accelerate, decelerate, and switch speed modes, ensuring a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

While EUC excels on various terrains, their usage in challenging terrain scenarios in daily life is limited. Moreover, the high skill threshold required poses a significant challenge to every rider's physical coordination.

Electric rollerblades are the champions.

Their robust 70mm wheels and powerful 300W motors effortlessly navigate city streets, bike lanes, and off-road trails, all while offering simplicity in operation and ease of control.

 Rollwalk electricroller blades skating

Speed and Stability of Electric Roller Blades and EUC:


Electric roller blades typically achieve 15-20 miles per hour or faster.

Their stability is enhanced by the presence of two wheels, making them more balanced and easier to control. Maintaining a stable stance and gliding are effortless.

The speed range for EUC is quite broad, with standard speeds usually ranging from 30 to 50 mph. However, high-performance electric unicycles like the InMotion V13 can reach 87 mph.

However, faster speeds often mean they are unsuitable for daily commuting. At these speeds, consistent and stable control is complicated.

It's also impractical to wear full protective gear and a full-face helmet whenever you use an EUC for commuting. 


Weight and Portability of roller blades electric and EUC:


Electric roller blades are designed with Portability in mind, making them easy to carry and stow away for urban commuting.

They are compact and lightweight, weighing just around 2 kg each. They can fit inside a backpack, similar to a mini laptop when not in use.

On the other hand, they are relatively bulky. Even those designed for urban commuting weigh a minimum of 15 kg, while off-road or high-speed EUC can exceed 40 kg.

Carrying and storing them can take time and effort.


Battery Life and Reliability of Electric Roller Blades and EUC:


Both electric roller blades and EUC typically offer excellent battery life, allowing riders to cover significant distances on a single charge.

Impressive electric roller blades like Rollwalk models provide a range of 15.5 miles.

EUC, however, outperforms in this aspect, often offering a range of 30-45 miles or more.

Battery safety is of minimal concern, as most use batteries from reputable brands like Samsung and Panasonic, with a lifespan of around 2,000 hours.

Users can confidently use rollerblades for daily commuting or extended leisure rides.

Rollwalk Drum Motor Blade Electrical Energy Efficiency

Electric roller blades are highly efficient in battery use, offering approximately twice the efficiency of EUC.

EUC may cover 60 miles with the same battery capacity, while electric roller blades can glide for over 120 miles.


Safety and Reliability of Electric Roller Blades and EUC:


Electric roller blades provide a more stable and secure riding experience. The dual-wheel setup enhances balance and reduces the risk of falls.

Users can confidently navigate various terrains, maintaining a stable base while standing and gliding.

EUC, on the other hand, requires continuous balance, making it a multi-dimensional challenge.

Electric roller blades must only maintain balance in the front and back, while EUC demands 360-degree symmetry.

This makes electric roller glides more accessible, enhancing riders' stability and confidence.


The Experience of Roller Blades Electric and EUC:


Riding with electric rollerblades is an exciting and exhilarating experience, offering a sense of freedom and adventure.

Users can effortlessly explore their surroundings, start gliding anywhere, and enjoy the unmatched joy of leisurely skating.

On the other hand, electric unicycles are more suitable for outdoor exploration and extreme challenges. They provide an unparalleled sense of achievement on some fantastic off-road trails.

Choosing between electric roller blades and EUC isn't an either-or decision. They serve different purposes.

Electric rollerblades are the way to go for urban commuting and leisurely entertainment. EUC excels in outdoor adventures and challenges.





For those seeking excitement, adventure, and challenges, EUC is a better fit.

Electric rollerblades are the more practical choice if you're looking for a convenient way to commute in the city or for leisurely entertainment.

These versatile personal commuting devices offer the best of both worlds.

Electric roller blades are ideally suited for urban commuting, and their compact size and weight make them ideal for easy carrying and exploration.

I enjoy taking them to a new city, gliding instead of taking a taxi, and discovering new places.


The choice between electric roller blades and EUC should be based on your specific use cases.

However, it is worth experiencing both. Still, for most people, electric rollerblades are the superior option.

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