What is the price of Electric rollerblades? Rollwalk

What Is the Price of Electric Rollerblades?

Electric rollerblades have become the new kid on the commuter fashion block today.

Are you looking for the right price for electric roller skates?

Now, With me.

How exactly should you choose Electric rollerblades at different price levels?

After reading this content, I believe you will have your answer!

A group of electric roller skaters skating on the streets of New York City using Rollwalk

Understanding the different price levels of Electric rollerblades

The price range of electric skates is very wide, I divided them into three types, budget-friendly, medium configuration type, and high-end quality type.


Budget Friendly: Less than $600

In the budget-friendly class, you can find Electric rollerblades with basic features and good-quality materials.

These skates are suitable for beginners or people on a tight budget who want to have a good electric skating experience at the corresponding price.

Rollwalk's eRW3, for example, offers a great experience for $449 after using a discount

It uses a Samsung 18650 battery pack, providing a long range of 13.7 miles (22km).

In addition to this, its bridge is built from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, and the strength of the body is the top among all electric skates.


Medium configuration type: $600-1000

Medium-configuration electric skates strike a balance between quality and price.

These skates usually have their core technology and design. They stand out in a certain performance area.

Longer battery life, or higher speed...

ESCEND BLADES' Doop Boots are a prime example of this.

Its wheel motor is capable of providing 400W*2 output power, making it faster and able to handle steeper hills.

It is inline electric skating, so relatively speaking, the threshold is higher. It is more suitable for some roller skating enthusiasts who like tight excitement and adventure.

Of course, the high-power motor is also thought that it is not a low price, the official price of $ 919, and there is no discount.

And you also need to pay some additional taxes and fees


High-end premium type: $1000-1500

In the case of generous funds, you can find electric skates of high quality.

These electric skates usually have advanced research and development technology, a sense of design, and a brand sense that are very strong.

For example, Shift Robotic's Moonwalkers

The unique 8-wheel drive system, so that people are like walking on the acceleration belt.

This mobility concept is the first of its kind for Moonwalkers, which often requires a very high cost, which may have some relevance to their price.

With a price tag of 1399, it all needs to be ordered at this point, and it's not even certain when it will ship.

My good friend Jack participated in their first crowdfunding campaign and he and I were spilling the beans on the phone.

No one is going to walk in these 4KG shoes with their feet up all the time, even though they normally only need to go 2/5 (they claim 250% speed)."

I thought to myself, "Maybe Moonwalkers wants to save you the time of training your legs at the gym.

 Rollwalk's eRW3  ESCEND BLADES Doop Boots Moonwalkers

Parameter configuration comparison of Electric rollerblades

Before buying an electric skates, we may be more concerned about its parameters

In the budget range, which product's main configuration is more high-quality?

Product power, weight, charging time, endurance time, etc., combined with the actual data for comprehensive consideration

Next, together with the current electric skating products in this category of excellent products, their configuration.


Motor power: The motor power of the electric skate directly affects its climbing performance and maximum speed.

The power of Moonwalkers can reach 300w

But it can climb the highest slope of only 10° slope, with a maximum speed of 7mph (11.27 kph).

Most of the energy is not used efficiently.

From the Moonwalkers' battery and range ratio, we can see the problem of battery kinetic energy conversion.

With the same 18650 battery pack, eRW only has one more 5000mAH battery than Moonwalkers.

Its range is almost twice that of the Moonwalkers, reaching an impressive 13.7 miles (22km).


The Rollwalk's eRW3 uses a 300W*2 motor configuration and can reach a speed of 20mph (32kph) at the fastest.

This also proves from the side that the Moonwalkers energy use efficiency is very poor.

Although electric energy is renewable energy, this part of electricity is still equivalent to being wasted.

With the same mileage, Moonwalkers may need to be recharged 2 times to have the same range as

Rollwalk's eRw3 electric skate.


Rollwalk's eRW3 also does a good job of climbing hills and can climb hills up to 20° slope.

This pretty much means it can handle the vast majority of trails with little to no obstacles in terms of power.


If you're just looking to spend $1,400 to experience such a novelty mobility tool.

You can set your sights on Moonwalkers, It can accompany you on the street to slowly exercise your thighs.

Performance comparison chart of Rollwalk eRW3, ESCEND BLADES Doop Boots, Moonwalkers-2


Electric skate weight: For urban travel, the weight and size of the means of travel are also a part that cannot be ignored.

If you have decided to use electric skates as a travel tool, I believe you must be very concerned about the portability of the tool.

This determines where you can take it and where you can start the journey.

Rollwalk's eRW3 weighs 2.2kg,Most electric skateboards are between 1.6-2.5kg, which makes them very portable.

In terms of size, the ESCEND BLADES Doop Boots are relatively more difficult to carry.

It has a solid shoe and the entire inline skate is so large that you may have to hang it on your body.

Both the eRW3 Electric rollerblades and Moonwalkers can easily fit into your backpack and start your city trip at any angle in the city.


Fixed method of electric roller skating

During use, if you need a better experience, you need to pay more attention to the way the eRW3 is fixed

Its fit very much affects the comfort of the back of the foot.

Rollwalk eRW3, ESCEND BLADES Doop Boots, Moonwalkers' wearing style comparison chart

Whether it's Rollwalk's eRW3, ESCEND BLADES' Doop Boots, or Moonwalkers.

They all have their unique design.

In terms of experience, ESCEND BLADES is the most comfortable and secure with its full wrap fastening method.

Moonwalkers use a similar sandal like the Velcro fixation.

Although convenient and fast, the degree of stability and security, are not enough to support high-speed and long-term movement.

The brightest Rollwalk eRW3 electric roller skate, which combines high-strength Velcro and Fidlock patented V-shaped buckle design.

It not only solves the problem of stability and safety, but also allows users to put on or take off the Electric rollerblades in a second.

While switching, the V-shaped magnetic snap brings a pleasant switching sound that makes me feel very comfortable.

It sounds like every time I turn off my AirPods, which is just so decompression.


Product Reviews

Up to $1399 Moonwalkers, only 7mph (11.27kph) range only 6.5miles (10.46km)

I was having a hard time accepting that I was paying so much money just to exercise my legs slowly on the street.

It can only be considered a different kind of walking experience and cannot be used for commuting for a long time.


ESCEND BLADES Doop Boots has its characteristics, it needs to be skilled in roller skating to get started.

When using it needs to be very tight on your leg muscle groups, otherwise, it is easy to fall.

Of course, it can provide 15.5mph (25kph) speed is still worth the depth of roller skating enthusiasts to try.


Rollwalk's eRW3 is, in my opinion, the most perfect Electric rollerblades option available.

It has the speed of ESCEND BLADES, while the 18.7mph (30kph) range is way ahead of the competition.

The eRW3 has no trouble climbing hills with a 20° slope, and the large 70mm tires give him unparalleled passing performance.

Maybe you all think it's no big deal, but it's only $449.

That's only 35% of the price of the Moonwalkers and 50% of the price of the ESCEND BLADES.

The unique fixed carabiner is also a major reason for being chosen.

RollWalk eRW 3 electric roller skates buckle design details

If you don't need speed and want to try something new, Moonwalkers can satisfy you.

If you want your travel style to be unique enough that only a few people can be like you, try ESCEND BLADES' Doop Boots.

Of course, it may not be as convenient to use and carry.

As for Rollwalk's eRW3, I think anyone can, and any need can be met.

Daily commute, city trip, business trip...

Even jungle adventures.


Tips to Save Money

After deciding on the electric wheelie you need to buy, how can you save your budget with the same product?

Look here, look here, look here.


First, watch out for sales and discounts

Before buying electric skates

I usually investigate the official websites of the brands I'm interested in ahead of time

For example, go to read buyer reviews and compare product prices

For example, in Rollwalk, you can see the discounts and related information directly on the top bar of the page and on the homepage.


You can also follow the brand's activities on social media platforms

Sometimes you can come across discounts on events and some good quality giveaways.


Or, maybe you don't like the too-hassle approach.

You can contact Rollwalk directly in the dialog box on the webpage to get information about events and special discounts.

The Rollwalk brand will offer substantial discounts to new customers on their first purchase.

There are also special gifts for member groups for multiple purchases.

This can almost save you from buying some DIY accessories. Get and better Electric rollerblades experience.

electric-roller-skates-erw-3  Rollwalk BLOG

Whether you're looking for something that meets most of your needs like Rollwalk's eRW3

or a high-end, premium new mobility experience like Shift Robotic's Moonwalkers.

There's no stopping the desire for freedom. Just like Rollwalk's slogan.


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